Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hawaii - The First Beach

When we landed in Kauai, we decided to go look for a beach. We flew out that morning as the thermometer read 46 degrees, so we weren't particular about which beach we found - any beach would do. We were just happy to be in a warmer climate!

We went to Poipu beach on the southern side of the island. I LOVED how the tan color of the sand mixed with the lovely blue of the ocean. What a great combination.

There were many hotels and condos near this beach where people could stay. Our rental was farther inland, but here's a shot of the oceanfront from the beach.

One of my favorite parts of the beach was a strip of sand leading to a sandbar. Waves came in on both sides of this small strip. It was very fun to walk on! Here I am doing my best runway walk:

I enjoyed watching the children play at the beach. One little girl in particular was so cute! She was dancing and running around in the sand. We snapped a photo of her cute little footprints.

It was fun to hear a mix of waves crashing in and the delighted squeals of children playing. Everyone at the beach was having such a fun time enjoying the sand and the water. There were no TVs, blogs :), or Facebook news feeds to distract us from the incredible beauty around us.

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