Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Opposite of Rushing - Fail

So while I am having some successes, I'm also having some failures.

We have a lovely nest of tiny baby bunnies that lives on the side of our house. I love uncovering the nest and peeking in at them. Their eyes just opened the other day and it was all I could do not to pick one up and cuddle it. They are so cute! However, Thursday night we heard some squeaking and shrieking and Friday morning found me faced with the task of removing 5 dead baby bunnies from our yard. Somebody's cat or something found them. All I can say is ew ew ew ew eeeewwww! I did not do this task with peace or contentment. It was one that I just tried to get through.

When I walked by the other side of our house I smelled something similar to moth balls. It was nasty, and within minutes I realized it was coming from our bags of lawn waste sitting along the side of the house. They'd been sitting there awhile...maybe over a month...or more. I know, right? I should have taken them to the compost site before, but there was always a reason not to. So, today was the day. I picked up the reeking 7 bags of leaves and grass clippings, loaded them into the car, and rolled the windows down so I wouldn't throw up on the way to the compost site. I called my mom from the road and complained and whined to her. I said, "I don't care what else I'm supposed to do today; I'm taking myself to Dairy Queen after this!" She gently said something along the lines of, "Is there any way you can enjoy this task more instead of just want to get through it?"

That was a moment when I really wished my mom didn't read my blog. Then she wouldn't be holding me to the standards I have set! She was right, though, as moms usually are. I was not enjoying any part of the task. I was not being thankful for anything, I was just wishing the moments away.

As I look back, I'm thankful that I realized the bags needed to be dumped then, rather than wait another month. I'm thankful we had plastic to put down to protect the car from the nasty. I'm thankful for time during the day to complete the task. I'm thankful for the chance to roll the windows down. I'm thankful for work gloves. I'm thankful for a body that can lift, haul, and throw bags of lawn waste. I am thankful. But just a little bit. I won't be more joyful than this, sorry friends!

So, I have a had some failures amidst the successes, but at least I'm thinking of it more now.

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