Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And I Wonder Why I'm Tired

Look mom, there's something here!  I'm going to pick at it.  If I can pick it up, I'll eat it!

I think I'll pull up this rug.  If you're lucky, I'll put it back in the same spot, or maybe I'll move it!

Open, close, open, close.  This is amazing!  I love practicing opening doors!

Oh, look!  The diaper bag!  There's a small opening here...yep...I can just reach my hand in.  
I think I'll empty it for you, mom!

Oooh!  Baby wipes!  I know this is an essential item for the diaper bag, so I'll take it out for you.

I'll play with them over here so you won't see them near the diaper bag anymore!

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