Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Can't Take Any More Love!

I've been composing this post in my head for some time now, and as I wait to write it, it gets harder to write.  Let me explain.

When we were preparing to bring Feven home, we received an outpouring of support, gifts, prayers, and love.  It was overwhelming.  Never before had I felt so cared for and so loved.  The ways you and so many others celebrated with us over our daughter was not only awe-inspiring, but humbling.  Who was I to be the recipient of all of this?

The thing is, it hasn't stopped.

Dare I say, it has even increased.  SO. MANY. PEOPLE. have journeyed with us as we waited to bring our daughter home, and are celebrating with us that she is finally here. 

I'm overwhelmed by:

The comments on Facebook.
On January 31st, when Feven became ours officially, 139 people liked my status update and there were 89 comments.  I don't know technically how much a buttload is, but this must be pretty close.  When I posted the airport picture of the three of us, 126 people liked it and 56 commented.  Again, I'm pretty sure that's a buttload.  There were also so many kind, meaningful comments that I won't copy here, but are saved and mean so much to me. 

The meals given to us.
A friend set up a meal schedule for us, and through the generosity of many, we had meals provided for 2 full weeks!  Instead of grocery shopping and standing in the kitchen preparing meals,  I got to spend time with my daughter.  That time was critical in her development and attachment to us.  I'm so grateful for that time.  

The kindness of neighbors.
I learned after we got back from Ethiopia that there had been a buzz going around the neighborhood that we had gotten a child!  Since getting back, we have had neighbors stop by and even bring gifts for Feven.  One of the neighbors I hadn't even met before!  She and I got to talking on the sidewalk one day, and that night she brought a gift over for Feven.  I'm overwhelmed by how my neighbors are loving my daughter.  They are so excited to come talk to her and make her smile anytime they see us outside.  

The prayers offered on our behalf.
So many of our friends, relatives, and church family members were praying for us.  We saw God's hand moving powerfully in the last few months of our adoption journey, and I know it's because of all that praying!  Feven continues to thrive in our home, and that is a direct answer to the prayers that continue to be lifted up for her.  So many people have shared that they are praying for us, and I can't imagine how many more are praying that I don't even know about.

The check-ins and well-wishes.
I received so many thoughtful emails, Facebook messages, phone messages, and cards.  Those little notes meant so much to me, especially in the first few weeks which were the hardest.  They lifted my spirits and reminded me of all of the people pulling for us.

The anticipation people have to meet Feven.
My heart melts each time I bring Feven to a new place and my friends eagerly come up to meet her.  I feel the love that everyone has for her, and it makes me so happy.  Feven is such a special treasure to us, and I'm humbled and grateful for the love all of my friends and family members have for her too.  There are many who have not met Feven yet, and they have expressed excitement and anticipation over when they'll get to meet her.  I'm blessed.

It's so hard to be the recipient and be a witness to such kindness.  So many times in life I feel undeserving or not good enough to receive this kind of love.  Who am I to be so loved on?  Who am I to be so blessed?  It doesn't make sense to me, but I have learned to sit back and appreciate it.  I may never be able to repay it, but I can appreciate it and thank God for the incredible people He has placed in my life.  

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