Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Trip to Duluth

On Monday Zac and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  We decided to spend a couple days in Duluth for our anniversary.  It was special to take Feven to a place that has meant so much to me since childhood and also has become a fun getaway for Zac and I as a couple. 

Here is Feven's first time eating at Grandma's Restaurant.  Due to recent flooding in Duluth, many tourists stayed away which meant that we had no waiting at Grandma's and got patio seats facing Lake Superior!

We played in Canal Park while watching a large ship come in.  
Feven took off across the lawn with her stroller.  She prefers pushing rather than riding these days.

After supper we bought huge ice cream cones and strolled down the boardwalk as the sun set.  
Here's Mama and Feven getting some giggles together!

I showed Feven how to choose good rocks for skipping.  Part of her choosing process involved tasting the rocks.  
Somehow that helps you know how good they'll jump across the water.

We started with throwing the rocks in.  We'll work our way slowly toward skipping rocks.

Daddy and Feven playing on the rocks.

Who's the best mommy?  YOU!

Giving Dada a kiss.  :)

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