Friday, June 29, 2012

Ethiopia 2 - Guest House

I realize that I've mentioned our guest house many times, but have not shown any pictures yet!  Here are a few photos of the place we called home while in Ethiopia the second time:

This is our front gate, behind which is the TDS Guest House.  Our room was the top corner.  You can see our bedroom window, and our balcony behind the arch above the yellow gate.  Also pictured here is one of the sweet security guards who always tried to get a smile out of Feven.  Each person who worked at the guest house was so kind.   

Here is the view down the street if you were standing facing the house and looking left.  Very beautiful.

Our balcony.  
Feven loved to take in the view, and Zac and I enjoyed sitting out here in the cool evenings after Feven went to sleep. 

Our balcony overlooked the garden area.  We often sat at the tables and visited with other guests.

The kitchen where we cooked some meals and washed many bottles.


We ate breakfast at this table each day, and relaxed on occasion in the community living room pictured here.


Here is a picture of our room.  This is the bedroom/living area.  Past the first arched door is the dressing area, then the bathroom.  It was very spacious and gave us plenty of room to run around with Feven.

A photo of just the living area.  Notice the little munchkin in the crib!

Here's our bathroom, where Feven screamed at the top of her lungs when we gave her the first bath in the tub.  I'm pretty sure every guest in the guest house heard her!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Amber. It looks like a lovely place. Our guest house was owned by our agency (Children's Home Society) but had to close shortly after we brought Bereket home because of the drastic drop in the number of Ethiopian adoptions they were processing. They just couldn't afford it anymore. It made me so sad because I made some very dear friends there on our first trip to Ethiopia. It was packed with at least 12 incredible families from CHSFS! I'm going to bookmark this guest house for when we go back with Bereket!