Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventures at Bedtime

We've been trying to get Feven to sleep in her toddler bed for a few months now.  When we first introduced it to her, she would lay in there - and stay in there - with no questions asked.  After a few weeks of this, she realized she could get out and would delight in escaping from her bed shortly after we'd leave the room.  We gave up trying to get her to sleep in her bed and instead put her back in the crib.

Tonight we decided to give the bed another try.  After much coaching, Zac was sure she'd stay in her bed.  He left the room and all was well...for 2 minutes.  I was sitting near her door and when it opened I heard a little voice say, "potty."  We entertained her request, and to her credit she actually did go potty.  We coached her again about the importance of staying in bed, and Zac laid her down in her toddler bed once more. 

Miracle of miracles, she stayed in her bed!  We heard no noises coming through the monitor, the door remained shut tightly, and no light was visible from underneath the door.  Zac and I went about our nightly chores for the next hour and finally sat down together in the living room to watch a little Big Bang Theory.

After an episode or two I stepped into the hallway and noticed Feven's door was open and her room light was on!  What in the world?!?  It was now almost 2 hours since her bedtime!  I hadn't heard her door open or any noise coming through the monitor, and she hadn't run out to find us like she usually does when she escapes her bed.

Zac and I tiptoed down the hallway, unsure of what we would find.  Where in the house was Feven and how long had she been out?  As I peered into her room I noticed an empty bed.  I scanned the room to find her sitting in the chair in her bedroom. The zipper to her footie pajamas was unzipped to her knee, and she was looking through a photo album with another book at her side!

Apparently she had woken up and decided to read!  She must have crawled out of bed, turned on the light, grabbed some books off the shelf, and climbed into her chair.  I have NO IDEA how long she was up reading, but when we came in she was quite startled and seemed as if she were half asleep!

I have so many questions about how it all happened, but I know one thing - I will never forget the image of her sitting calmly in the chair, reading her books past bedtime! 

Round 3 of bedtime has just been completed for the night.  This time she's in her crib.  I think this will work out better.

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