Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun Hair

I twisted Feven's hair today and it didn't look as awesome as I had pictured in my head.  Some of the twists shot out at odd angles, some bulged in the middle, some didn't appear tight enough, and it just looked sorta frumpy all around - as if it had been slept on even though it was a fresh 'do. 

I was coming to terms with it and giving myself a pep talk when I remembered some barrettes Feven had in her hair box.  I opened the lid and was amazed to see that the little flower clips matched her outfit PERFECTLY in both color and style. 

It was meant to be.

I dug out all the colors that would coordinate with her outfit and began clipping them in.  She wasn't too sure about it at first, but quickly found that she enjoyed twirling her head back and forth and making the twists fly like those big swing rides at carnivals.  I wish I had snapped a video of her swinging her head back and forth and loving the feeling of her hair and barrettes against her face.  I DID manage to get a couple photos of it, though!  Enjoy!



  1. Amber! That bottom pic is perfection!
    And reading your description of her swinging her hair reminded me of that song from a couple of years ago, I whip my hair back and forth :)

  2. Good job, Momma! Great to see you today!