Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine and I

This Valentine's Day Zac was traveling for work, so Feven and I were each other's valentine.

The day started out with a beautiful gift from our heavenly father.  Feven and I awoke to a yard of dazzling white.

I had gotten up early and made heart-shaped scones for her and I for breakfast. 

She helped me make smoothies for us, and I actually let her help this time!  :)  (See this post to find out why this is especially meaningful)

First things first, we needed some tunes!

She was excellent at peeling the bananas...

She took one last look before the blender mixed our smoothie!

And the final product?  A special breakfast with a special girl!

PS - the other love of my life?  Because he wasn't able to be here with me for Valentine's Day, he hid notes around the house, one for every day that he would be gone.  He wanted to make my day(s) special, and he sure did!  He hid them super well - I haven't discovered any by accident!  Each day when we Skype he tells me where I should go looking for the next note!  How sweet! 

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