Monday, February 18, 2013

My Daughter Who Loves Accessories

Feven is an accessory girl.  It is incredible to watch it unfold in her personality.  She can turn anything into a necklace or bracelet, is obsessed with the jewelry other people are wearing, runs to the mirror to look at herself when she is wearing something for the first time, and is fascinated by painted nails.

I can say with 100% certainty that this is a "nature" quality in her and not a "nurture" quality.  I myself rarely wear jewelry, don't often do much with my hair these days, and have painted my nails once since she came home.  This all has got to come from her birth mom!

Lucky for her, Feven has a lot of women in her life who can help her navigate the world of accessories.  The first one who comes to mind is my sister.  She is always stylin' and has a knack for putting outfits together.  I know she and Feven will be good shopping buddies.  For Christmas my sis got Feven a bunch of dress up clothes, hats, a purse, shoes, and bracelets.  You can imagine how much fun she's been having with those!

Another great woman in Feven's life is my cousin's wife.  Over Christmas, she gifted Feven with a jewelry box she had as kid which was filled with her childhood costume jewelry.  It was quite the hit that day, and continues to be a hit still.  I've found two interesting observations about Feven and her jewelry:

1.) She won't let any other children touch it.  If they even begin to approach it while she has it out and is playing with it, they are given a loud, firm, "NO."

2.) She feels the need to wear!  If one necklace is good, shouldn't five be better?

I like watching her personality unfold, and dreaming about who she will be at age 10, 16, 20.


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