Friday, April 12, 2013

Gotcha Day - The Best Part

By far, the best part of our Gotcha Day celebration was our time spent together as a family.  We spent the entire weekend focusing solely on quality time as a family. And how fitting that the best part of Gotcha Day was not the food or the hair or the outfits, but being with our little Feven.  Truly the best thing about having her join our lives is HER. 

To make the weekend special for her, we tried to incorporate her favorite things.  That said, it was a no-brainer to start the weekend off by cooking!  So we cooked together, and during that time she remarked numerous times, "happy" and gave us hugs. She was having a blast!

We played all over the house together, and after a particularly exhausting play session, Zac laid down and pretended to sleep on the floor.  Feven promptly got blankets from her bed to cover him up.  She is so sweet and caring.

While we were in Ethiopia last year we purchased many gifts for Feven with the intent of giving her one every year on her Gotcha Day.  This year she received a ball with the Amharic numbers stitched onto it.  She could kick a ball before she knew how to walk, so this seemed like a fitting first gift for her!

We also took at long trip to the park to play together.  That combined two of Feven's loves - swinging and being outside!

What a great weekend to pause and be thankful for the gift of Feven.  Of course with any anniversary celebration comes memories of the past.  Over the weekend I was overwhelmed with memories of our time in Ethiopia - even some things that I had not thought about since being there last year.  It was a treasured weekend to reflect, remember, and celebrate.  We have been so blessed.  Through all the tears and heartaches and wonderings that led us to Feven, God had a plan and a purpose.  I see it now every day in this bright, energetic, happy little girl.

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