Monday, April 8, 2013

Gotcha Day - Introduction

This weekend we celebrated our "Gotcha Day" with Feven.  A Gotcha Day is a common event for families who have adopted, but different families choose different milestones to be their actual day.  Some say that their Gotcha Day was when they legally became the parents of their child; others say it was when they first took custody of their child; still others choose their Gotcha Day as the day they arrived home with their child.

For our family, we wanted our Gotcha Day to be the day we took custody of Feven.  Through a series of unexpected events last year, our day became April 7th. 

We have been looking forward to celebrating this day for a long time!  We had all sorts of plans and ideas how to make this day (and weekend!) special.  Of all the things we planned to do, our overall goal was to be together as much as possible as a family and be grateful for being together.

In the upcoming days I will share some of our pictures and stories from our Gotcha Day weekend.  We had a fantastic time together as a family, and it may have been my favorite weekend out of all of them in the last year!

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