Monday, April 15, 2013


Resolve: firmness of purpose or intent; determination

Winter is hanging on with a death grip here in Minnesota.  While friends across the country post pictures on Facebook of their children playing outside in shorts and flip-flops, I look out my window and see angry snowflakes hurtling down from the sky.

To say it's depressing is an understatement. 

Two things this past weekend cheered me up and gave me hope.  The first was a Facebook page entitled, "Meanwhile in Minnesota."  Last I checked, it had some pretty creative pictures taken by Minnesotans over the last month that help me to laugh at the snow instead of cry.

The second thing that cheered me up was the view of my flowers in the backyard.  Granted, I came across this beautiful scene when Feven and I were playing IN OUR SNOWPANTS in the backyard, but still.

Those Irises gives me hope that Spring will come.  Also, the more I reflect on those Irises, the more I appreciate their resolve.  The snow was spinning around them when they broke through the ground, and they peeked out to find a very different April than normal, but they decided to grow!  They did not give up because circumstances were difficult.  They knew it was their time to go for it and they did!

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