Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Complaint

I drove away from my friends' house remembering the good conversation from the evening and the relaxing atmosphere of the campfire. What a perfect way to end a weekend.

Driving to Walgreens to pick up some pictures, I sang along to the songs on the radio with the windows down and the evening air blowing by.

Turning into Walgreens, I was thankful for only 2 other cars in the parking lot. What a quiet night.

Stepping out of my car, I noticed a piece of paper on my windshield wiper. Wait a minute, what is that?
_____Relaxing evening comes to a screeching halt_____

The top of the paper reads "Compliant - State of Minnesota Hennepin County Judicial District" What in the world? What did I do?

Number 1 Offense reads, "Parking-parallel to curb-right tires w/in 12 in of right-hand." Come again? What does that mean? I quickly scan for the dreaded word fine. I can't find it anywhere. I scan faster - okay so maybe I messed up in some way I don't understand but what is it going to cost me? I can't find any information.

The worst part of all this is the sinking feeling in my stomach. Somehow while I was conversing and enjoying the company of my friends, a police office took offense at my parking job. He or she isn't there to talk to me in person; I just have this slip of paper that tells me I was wrong.

I want to tell whoever wrote it that I'm a good kid. I play by the rules, I try to treat others with kindness, I pick up trash in the park, and I smile at old ladies and babies. If only they knew me, surely they'd see this was a mistake.

It kinda makes me wonder who I've seen and judged without knowing who they are. Who have I written off when they haven't had a chance to explain themselves?


  1. weird! what was it? did you ever figure it out?

  2. Still not sure what I did, but I get to donate $32.00 for the cause. :(

  3. ?!?!
    Where were you? Here in town?