Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Tutoring

Today marks my last day as a summer tutor. I was privileged to work with a soon-to-be 8th grader over the course of the summer to improve his reading comprehension. Today at the end of our session we sat down and reviewed the graphs and charts of his scores from this summer, as well as a long list of his accomplishments.

I don't know who was prouder, me or him! I hope he knows how much he accomplished this summer, and I also hope that the things we worked on together will be things that will benefit him in the upcoming school year.

As I drove away from our tutoring site, I felt a small twinge of sadness over knowing I will probably never see him or his mom again. However, I also felt an overwhelming joy to know that I helped for a time, and he grew under my teaching.

I enjoyed working a student 1x1, and hope that tutoring will be in my future!

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