Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friends Visiting

We have visitors right now from Germany! Two years ago we met a great friend named Julia who lived with us for 1 month. She is now back to visit and brought her husband Simon with her. They arrived on Friday and we have been having so much fun together!

On Monday we were lucky enough to have a ride on Lake Minnetonka with my aunt and uncle. We had some great conversations and made some great memories that evening. Here's a picture of Julia and I bow-riding.

We also had a small get-together so Julia could see some of the friends she met two years ago. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we sat outside all afternoon. Here is a picture from that event.

And what could a trip to Minnesota be without a visit to the Mall of America? We saw Legoland, ate some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, enjoyed the food court and even took in a movie.

What a great week so far!

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