Friday, August 31, 2012

True Confessions: Language Acquisition

I have the smartest little girl on the planet as my daughter.  Don't argue with me because I know it's true. 

Many people have asked about Feven's English skills, and I gotta tell you, they are AMAZING.

It's hard to believe that just 4 months ago this little girl was immersed in an entirely different language.  It's hard to believe because she is understanding English, responding to requests spoken in English, and even speaking English.

I'm amazed at all she can do.  Just today I said, "Feven, do you want to go to the park?" (affirmative head nod from her) "Then go get your shoes and bring them to mommy.  Then we'll go to the park."  (she walks off in the direction of her shoes)

Also this week I began reasoning with her for the first time.  "Feven, will you eat some more please?" (vigorous negative head nod and flailing of hands) "Feven, if you eat one more bite of lentils, then you can have your yogurt." (she opens her mouth and her hands are calm as she takes her one bite in order to get her yogurt)

This is amazing, amazing stuff.  This is far quicker acquisition than I could have imagined.  I'm especially in awe of the way God created the human brain to absorb SO MUCH in those first few years.  She is watching every.single.thing we do and processing it. 

It's incredible.  This is one area that is going far better than expected.  I would even venture to say that she has as good of a handle on the English language as her peers who were immersed in English since birth.  What a joy it is to watch her learning and practicing her English.

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