Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lose a Ton Lessons - Obligatory Possessions

There are many reasons items stay in my house, but over the course of this endeavor I learned how many things I have kept out of sheer obligation.  Sometimes these items were Christmas gifts, Bridal Shower gifts, or even Wedding gifts that I felt so bad getting rid of because I cared deeply for the person who gave it to me...I just didn't care for the item.  It's sad to report, but I even came across a few wedding gifts that I have yet to use.  And it's been 8 years since I said, "I do."

I also hung onto some stuff too long because it was in good condition and I "should" use it...even though I didn't like it for one reason or another.  Or I hung onto it because I would use it someday at a big family Feven's high school graduation party.  After I did the math on that one and realized how long I had kept the item already and how much longer I would have to keep it to use it at Feven's graduation, I quickly put it in the "sell" pile.

The overwhelming realization of how much STUFF I have kept out of obligation came to me initially as I was going through the kitchen cupboards.  Here is an excerpt from my journal that day:

Today I started going through the kitchen cupboards and I couldn't stop!  It was so much fun!  There is such a freedom in this exercise.  Get rid of that pan that I never use?  Yes!  More space in the cupboard!  Toss out that broken vase?  Yes!  Give myself permission to get rid of that 9x13 pan I hate to cook in (even though it has a lid?)?  Yes! 
Tonight I started to peel off a little bit of the obligation I walk around wearing.  Even though that special person gave me that _______ for a graduation/Christmas/wedding gift, it's okay to get rid of it if I want to.  This is my kitchen and my home.  And if the item is just collecting dust anyway, what's the point in keeping it?

Keeping things around out of assumed obligation is just plain silly.

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  1. obligation was my biggest one too. :(

    my grandma r. told me once "when someone gives you a gift, it's yours to do with what you wish." that has stuck with me, but it's hard to actually put into practice...