Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lose a Ton: Trial Day 4

Before I was going to publicly ask others to join me in this endeavor to clean out a literal TON of things from our homes, I wanted to make sure it was actually possible.  I didn't want to ask something that would only frustrate or be sure to fail.

I began a week-long trial run about two weeks ago, and throughout this week, I'll share with you my journal entries from that trial.  Click to read about Trial Day 1, Trial Day 2 , or Trial Day 3 here. 

Today Zac and I tackled our DVD and VHS collection.  That's right, I said VHS collection.  Some movies were pretty easy to put in the sell pile, but I surprised myself with how many times I cried, "Oh, that's a classic!" and moved the DVD in my hand over to the keep pile.

I'm proud of how many we got rid of, but after the first cut we were still .4 pounds short of the 10-pound goal for today.  I went back for a second look with meeting my 10-pound goal in mind....

I came up with an additional 3.2 pounds!  Zac put all of the movies back in the cabinet while I went to weigh the removed ones, and once I saw how nice the cabinet looked with everything (almost) fitting nicely inside, I wanted to remove enough to make everything fit! 

It's interesting how when storage space seems infinite, it's easy to find a reason to keep things.  When there is a limit, decisions come easier. 

12.8 pounds

Our group has officially begun but there's still room for more to join!  We have a private Facebook group where we share stories and encourage one another.  Let me know if you want to join the challenge and I'll add you to our group.  It has been a source of much motivation and inspiration!

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  1. This is so great, Amber! I wish it'd happened a few months prior. We moved, and I am sure the poundage we sold and donated would've really made a dent in your ton! I really enjoyed the cleaning out process. And at the rate that children grow, just the clothing alone that we were able to weed out was likely a good hundred pounds!