Monday, July 8, 2013

Lose a Ton: Trial Day 1

Before I was going to publicly ask others to join me in this endeavor to clean out a literal TON of things from our homes, I wanted to make sure it was actually possible.  I didn't want to ask something that would only frustrate or be sure to fail.

I began a week-long trial run about two weeks ago, and in the next 7 days I'll share with you my journal entries from that trial.

Our group has officially begun and there's still room for more to join!  We have a private Facebook group where we share stories and encourage one another.  Let me know if you want to join the challenge and I'll add you to our group.  It has been a source of much motivation and inspiration!

I didn't mean to start today, it just happened.  I opened up a drawer and started organizing and it began.  Then I went through my closet and took out the clothes that I still hang onto even though I don't like how they look on me (why do I do that?!?).  I sifted through a dusty under-the-bed box where I came across my high school Spanish notes (which didn't even make sense anymore).  I pulled from here and there without rhyme or reason, then proudly stood on the scale to see my total.

5.4 pounds.

That's it?  I took the stance of an athlete in a huddle, looked at Zac and said, "Okay, what else can I get rid of?"  I was determined to find 5 more pounds before the day was over.  I went into the kitchen and started going through the cupboards.  It's a project that I'll certainly have to resume later, but I grabbed some items to increase my weight to make my goal for today.  I got rid of a set of bowls I bought as a freshman in college and don't use anymore, an old camp mug, and a french bread pan.  I don't know why I thought I needed a french bread pan to make french bread.  Anyone want a french bread pan?  :)

12.4 pounds total.  And so much of the house left untouched.  I have a feeling 10 pounds a day will come quickly.  Maybe I should have raised my goal...

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