Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lose a Ton: Trial Day 3

Before I was going to publicly ask others to join me in this endeavor to clean out a literal TON of things from our homes, I wanted to make sure it was actually possible.  I didn't want to ask something that would only frustrate or be sure to fail.

I began a week-long trial run about two weeks ago, and throughout this week, I'll share with you my journal entries from that trial.  Click to read about Trial Day 1 and Trial Day 2 here.  

I absolutely LOVED the project I embarked on today.  Not only did it help me get rid of stuff but it also provide some much-needed organization to a particular closet and will also save me time and money in the future.  

I organized our gift bags.  

I enjoy reusing, but my gift bag collection was overwhelming and was all stuffed in brown grocery bags.  That meant that each time I needed a bag, I had to dig through to find not only the right size of bag I needed, but I also had to find one that fit the event I was celebrating!  

I started by laying out all my bags on the bed according to size, then went through each size allowing myself to keep a maximum of three in each event/holiday for each size.

When I began, I had 84 bags in 11 different sizes!  Now I have 35 NICE bags separated into 5 different events/holidays.  

I only had to throw a few away and was able to set aside a considerable number for the free box at our upcoming garage sale and then recycle the rest.

After that project, I began scouring the basement storage shelves.  I found quiet a few things to give away.  We had a couple nice glass bowls we had planned on saving for special occasions and/or Feven's high school graduation party, but 16 years seems like a long time to hang onto something we don't regularly use so I'm parting with them.  I found some random recyclable containers (why was I keeping them?) and an air mattress with a hole.  I can see the shelves opening up now and it's exciting!

30 pounds

Our group has officially begun but there's still room for more to join!  We have a private Facebook group where we share stories and encourage one another.  Let me know if you want to join the challenge and I'll add you to our group.  It has been a source of much motivation and inspiration!

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