Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunrise Thoughts

I didn't mean to time it that way; I just got lucky. I stepped out of the house for my morning walk, turned to walk toward the east, and stopped. There before me was a sky of purple and pink... and that was only the beginning.

As I walked eastward I watched as the pinks became orange and then golden. Each puffy cloud bottom was another piece of canvas for the sunrise to paint on. I watched as it got more and more brilliant, each moment thinking it couldn't possibly get any better.

What a gift that sunrise was to me this morning. As I thought about it, I realized how much more beautiful a sunrise is when there are clouds. Without clouds, sunrises make a steady color transition from the horizon to the sky. With clouds, there are added flecks of pink, purple and gold across the sky, sometimes in the most unexpected and stunning combinations.

We need the clouds for a magnificent sunrise.

How true this is in life too. For me, the clouds are my rough spots in life. These are the times when things don't go how I want them to; the hardships, trials, and the question marks of life.

God paints most brilliantly on these tough times. He turns my deepest despair into places where I feel his comfort the most. He turns cloud bottoms into life lessons, growth, friendship, and faith.

It's the clouds that make life so much more interesting, and so much more beautiful.

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