Monday, September 19, 2011

Source of Creativity

I have a hunch.

It seems to me that when I draw close to God, I overflow with creativity. It has happened to me enough times now that I don't think it's coincidence.

For example, nearly every Sunday in church, ideas will pop into my mind how I can care for others or share with people about the love of God. Sometimes the ideas are not even directly related to faith topics. Sometimes they will be ideas for my business or ideas for the classroom. I have to write them down because I will never remember them all.

Also, when Zac plays drums in church I usually ride over to church with him and go to Caribou Coffee until it's time for the service to start. These are some of my favorite Bible times because I can have so much time to focus on scripture. During these times I again find myself inspired and energized by all of the creative ideas flooding my mind.

When I think about it, it's no surprise really that as I'm hanging out with God, pieces of who He is rub off on me. That's certainly the case with my friends and family! After even a few hours with some friends, I find myself using their mannerisms and phrases. As I spend time with God, I become more like Him too. And He is creative! After all, he created everything in the universe. That's pretty creative.

I am thankful that He shares his creativity with me. I love all of the ideas He sends my way, and I hope and pray that I honor Him when I act on those ideas.

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