Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Incredibly Cool...Except When I'm Not

Here's a little Friday Funny for you, in case you were starting to think I had myself put together.

As you've been hearing, I've had a bit of a chipmunk problem this summer. This past weekend I caught our 11th chipmunk. When I first saw him in the cage he was running back and forth, back and forth, running into the walls at times. I had to think back and make sure I didn't bait the trap with a Red Bull. Nope, just an apple core.

When I went to pick up the trap and put it in the car, he was clinging to corners in the most unbelievable positions, hanging on the bars of the cage with his hands for a moment, then bolting to the other side of the cage and peering out there. He was crazy - no, crazier than crazy. He was the craziest chipmunk yet. I named him "Craziest."

I drove with Craziest to a friend's house to help them with some home improvement projects, with plans to drop Craziest off in a nice woodsy spot on the way home. Craziest stayed safely in the car while we all tore out pipes, flooring, and even did some landscaping. Toward the end of the night I remembered my little friend in the car and got very excited to show him to my people friends. I said, "Oh! You have to see the latest chipmunk! He's crazy!" I couldn't wait to show them all of his antics, and be known as that crazy/weird/cool friend who keeps chipmunks in her car.

I flung open the car door, dug into the box where his cage was, and proudly held him up for all to see. I couldn't wait for him to run around and climb into the corners. Man, this was gonna be so cool! I watched as he stayed curled up on one end. Then I realized he wasn't really moving at all. His little beady eyes stared blankly to the sky. Craziest was dead!

Once I realized this traumatizing fact, it was no longer cool to be holding the cage. In fact, it was rather creepy. I did the only rational thing possible - I gave it to Zac saying, "Ew ew ew ew ew!" the whole time.

Talk about embarrassing. Dead chipmunks are not near as cool as live ones. Thankfully, I have some great friends and they actually offered to let me bury Craziest in their yard. I think they were a little crazy to offer that! But, seeing as it was the only good option at this point, I took them up on their offer and we buried him near the hydrangeas. Rest in peace, Craziest, rest in peace.

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