Friday, September 9, 2011

Report Card - First Week of School

Name: Amber Harder
Substitute Teaching - Media Center - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Preparation: A
Each day Amber worked with 4-5 classes of students in the Media Center. She made sure to carefully explain the rules and directions, and always had her materials prepped ahead of time. She taught the same lesson 18 times and is quite the professional now.

Social Skills: A
Amber did her best to interact with fellow teachers at the school where she was subbing. She frequently offered to help those around her. She was a big hit with the secretaries, and was even asked for her number on the last day so she could be called back again.

Physical Education: N/A
Amber walked to and from school everyday, so she was excused from participating in P.E.

Friendship: A
Students easily warmed up to "Mrs. Harder," and she was frequently greeted - by name - in the hallway as students were passing. On the last day, she received a hug from a student as the student was leaving the building.

Amber was also told, "You are the nicest teacher ever." It is curious, however, that this compliment was in response to the question she posed to the class, "How can we show respect?" All parties involved are still trying to understand how the question and response correlate.

Cooking: C-
While there were not a lot of food options available to use in preparing lunches, Amber neither went to the store nor got very creative with the food at hand during the entire week.
Needs improvement.

Spiritual Disciplines: A+
Amber remembered to pray for each of her students every day. What a way to start out the year!

Relaxation: B
While the beginning of the week started off hectic and full, Amber did take time to visit with two close friends during the evening hours, and she even managed to sit and read a book in the hammock on Friday. Keep up the good work!

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