Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Week and Next Week

Today is my transition day. Our house is transitioning and I am transitioning too.

Last week was a full week; two families, each with two small children, visited us and stayed in our home. One family stayed from Wednesday through Friday, and the other came on Friday and left just this morning.

Our house is transitioning from their visit. The booster chairs are making their way back downstairs, the kids books and toys are moving out of the living room and back into the basement, and the cheerios are being scooped up off the floor and put into the trash can. The sounds in our house have transitioned from little running footsteps, giggles, and squeals to the quiet hum of the refrigerator, birds chirping outside, and the wind blowing the leaves of the trees. I liked their visit, and I will miss their presence in our home. We are transitioning from being a household of 4 adults and 2 kids to a household of 2 adults.

I am also transitioning mentally today as I gear up for the 2011-2012 school year. Tomorrow morning we'll be seeing those yellow buses on the road again as schools open their doors to the excited students. Families across the state will be breathing a sigh of relief that finally the teachers have to keep their children occupied again. :)

I have been blessed with a substitute teaching job for the whole first week of school. I will be filling in as a Media Specialist at the school our future children will attend. I can't wait to check out the school and meet some of the teachers. I feel honored that I will get to kick off the school year with the students there. What a blessing.

So, today I transition. I take stock of the last week and the summer before it, and I look ahead to tomorrow and the days and months to come. Amidst all the reflecting, I enjoy the quiet moments of today.

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