Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swamped or Blessed?

Sometimes I feel so swamped! There is so much STUFF in my schedule and I don't know how I'm going to get it all done. The tasks clank around like empty tin cans on a wedding car and all I hear is noise noise noise!

I was pondering this as I dropped off another chipmunk last night. (This is chipmunk number 6, in case you were wondering. Call me Snow White with how I attract small woodland creatures.) I get myself all worked up about feeling swamped and I turn into a major crabbypants. Particularly overwhelming this week is my work schedule. I said yes to a substitute teaching job as a librarian this week, but I also needed to put in hours at my other job. This resulted in me having to work 3-4 hours after school each day to get it all in.

I felt like screaming,
"Where's is my free time? Where is my house cleaning time? Where is my rest?
I have way more opportunities for work than there are hours in a day! How can I get it all done?"

But wait a minute.
I have way more opportunities for work than there are hours in a day.
I have work.
I have more work than I need.
I have opportunities to put in as many hours as I want and make as much money for my family as I need.

Not everyone can say that.

I am blessed.

I started to think of other "problems" in my life, and see them for what they really are - blessings.

What are your hidden blessings today? What are you crabbing about that you should instead be praising about?

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