Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome Back

Sweater and scarf
Honking geese overhead
Two hands wrapped around a cup of tea

A peaceful heart and quiet spirit
Enjoying the sights and sounds
of the change of seasons

Thoughts swirling and twirling
Like leaves overhead
of all the fall baking that is yet to be had

Cozy soups and warm, fresh bread
Cinnamon apple sauce and homemade granola
Cider, hot chocolate, and Chai tea

Rummage through the closet to find the fall candles
With names like Pumpkin, Spiced Cider,
Cappuccino, Buttercream Frosting, and Apple Pie

Stock the stereo with Norah Jones,
sit back and breathe in the soft voice,
the piano, and melodies

Ahh, welcome back Autumn. It's good to see you.

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