Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Amber and Zac's"

My friends in Bismarck have a little girl who is two and a half years old. The change in her vocab since I saw her in August is simply unbelievable! At one point yesterday it was just she and I in the car while her mom filled up with gas, and we carried on a conversation the whole time. I'm in awe. At one point she was getting tired and she said "I wanna go your house." I said, "I live very far away, we can't go there tonight." But she remained adamant that she wanted to go to "Amber and Zac's house."

It dawned on me then that I am making an impression on this little one. The things I do and say and the way I treat her are memorable for her. It inspired me to care about her even more, to listen when she talks to me and to play when she requests that I play with her.

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