Friday, March 12, 2010

Road Trips!

Road trips inspire me! Today Zac and I set off for a 6-hour car trip to Bismarck, North Dakota. To make a good road trip great, you need to choose your company wisely, collect some great cruising tunes, and buy some good junk food!

Our ipod is out of commission, so therefore to make this road trip great, I needed exceptionally good company and good junk food. I had Zac, so that took care of the exceptionally good company, and we brought along Starburst jelly beans, chocolate Easter eggs, cookies, banana bread, and granola bars. Sigh. It was wonderful. :)

Within 15 minutes of leaving on our journey, I broke open the jelly beans. YUM! I tried to pace myself for the trip there and back, but they were Starburst jelly beans. What can you do?!? I love the feeling you get when you embark on such a journey. The road is ahead, and the responsibilities are behind. The forecast? A good weekend ahead!

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