Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Arts

Namely, Michael Buble.

Tonight Zac and I went to see Michael Buble in concert in St. Paul. It was amazing! The night was full of great music, and I don't mean it was great music because I liked it, but I mean it was exceptional music performed by very talented musicians.

I sometimes forget how inspiring it is to be around the arts. Throughout the concert, I felt myself moved to make my life less ordinary and more special. Michael was having such a fun time performing - it was evident in each moment of the concert. I want to carry that joy with me, and recognize not only which parts of my life currently contain that joy, but also which parts of my life need a little more of that joy.

How can I make the mundane things in my life more beautiful? What could I do to jazz up even the most ordinary things, like laundry day? Should I turn up my favorite tunes and do a little salsa step as I put the clothes in the washing machine? Should I buy some flowers for the table, just because? Should I slow down a little and smile more often? Should I whistle or hum to myself as I walk through the grocery store?

Check out what the opening band did to make life less ordinary for some people who were just taking the metro home one night after work: Naturally 7

I'll be on the lookout today. I hope you will too. Let me know what you come up with!

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