Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing March

My 15 minutes a day in March? Taking note of the things that inspire me. Suggested by a dear friend, I hope this 15 minutes each day not only helps me reflect on the special things in my life, but also brings joy to your life as you read. This is going to be a trickier 15 minutes because it is going to require me to blog regularly (gulp!), and there will be some sense of accountability because you will be able to see exactly when I make my posts (double gulp!). I trust that this month will be good for all of us though.

Today's inspiration - great restaurant ambiance. In the last year, I have come to adore the French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Minneapolis. There is something special about having dinner there. With lit candles (actual candles, not the battery operated ones) on each table, the restaurant takes on a cozy glow in the evenings. Pleasant wait staff bring out the bread baskets filled with tasty treasures to enjoy over light conversation. The Menu offers so many adventurous choices, it's hard to know whether to go with an old favorite or try something new.

When the food does come, it's truly a work of art. Brilliant colors and creative placement bring a smile with each dish. The first bite is heaven. Those to follow, even better.

There's something magical about it all. I feel so special each time I'm there, and I always have FANTASTIC conversations with those I'm with. We sit for hours, enjoying each other's company. It's hard to believe that life is still really moving all around us outside when the world is so full and peaceful inside.

Each time I go there, I walk away with a renewed appreciation for conversation, an inspiration to try new things and take risks, and a strong desire to return again soon.

Great Restaurant Ambiance. Inspiring!

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