Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10 - A Christmas Chain

Growing up, mom always seemed to have some fantastic project to do with us kids. I fondly remember this Christmas project. I hope you enjoy it too!

Materials: Red Construction Paper, Green Construction Paper, Scissors, Stapler

Begin by cutting the construction paper into thin strips, about 1" wide. I recommend cutting across the short way so you get more strips.

Take a red strip, put it end to end so one end is slightly overlapping the next, and staple. Ta-dah! You have a circle. Now put a strip of green paper through your newly-formed circle, place one end of the green paper over the other, and staple. Now you should have two, interlocking circles.

Continue this pattern for as long as you want to. When we made it at our house, I think we wrote one thing to do each day until Christmas. For example, go sledding, make cookies, decorate the tree... I have a vague memory of this chain hanging by our kitchen telephone in the old house. Mom, you'll have to let me know if that memory is accurate!

A few other ideas for your Christmas Chain:
Garland for the tree
A "Prayer Chain" to keep special people in your prayers this season
A countdown to Christmas
A fun to-do list for all those Christmas preparations

Do you have more ideas about how this could be used? Please share them!

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