Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24 - Your Future Self

My friend Cathy shared with me this fantastic concept - taking care of your future self. What can you do today to take care of yourself in the future? I realize that this kind of relates to yesterday's activity, but it is different enough that I want us to do it.

One example from my friend is that when she is going out of town, she'll put fresh sheets on her bed just before she leaves so when she comes home, she has clean sheets. Such a simple thing that makes you feel VERY cared for.

When she told me about this, I was going through a particularly stressful time at work. I was going to be away for a few days, so I went to the grocery store and bought some chocolate to take with me on the trip. It was a special treat that made me smile - just what I needed during a stressful work week.

What can you do today for your future self? Are you going out of town for the holidays? Maybe you could take your garbage out before you leave, or put fresh sheets on your bed like Cathy. Maybe you could pick up a pizza from the grocery store to stick in your freezer so when you return you'll have an easy meal ready to go.

Are you staying in town? How can you care for yourself? Can you check out a movie from the library to watch while you relax? What about treating yourself to a new book?

I'd love to hear how you are planning to take care of your future self. Accountability is sometimes helpful in doing this. If you're like me, it's oftentimes easier to put others first and forget about taking care of yourself. Drop me a line if you need some accountability, or also to let me know your ideas!

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