Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2- Back to Childhood

I hope you had a good time reading the Christmas story yesterday. I loved it! It seems too short - only a few paragraphs to document such a huge event.

Today's project takes us back to childhood.

Materials needed: a notebook-sized piece of paper (or more), a scissors

Begin by folding a corner of your paper over to meet the opposite edge. Here's a picture to help you know what I'm talking about:

Then, cut off the excess that isn't doubled over.

Fold the paper diagonally. And again. And maybe again if you're feeling adventurous!

Now, cut various shapes out from the edges. Can you see where this is going?

I like to make some long shapes and some zig-zaggy shapes. Get creative! You may be tempted to unfold the paper before you're all done. Do your best to wait - it will make the "reveal" all the more fun!

When you're satisfied with the shapes you cut out, unfold the paper.

And now you have a Christmas snowflake! A great reminder of childhood, of God's beauty, and of the uniqueness in all of us. Hang your snowflake somewhere where it can remind you of these things.

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