Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22 - Christmas Music

Just over a week ago, we listened to Christmas music as we drove around looking at Christmas lights. Today the focus is Christmas music again, but this time I want you to choose one of your favorite Christmas tunes. Preferably something very meaningful to you.

The inspiration for today's activity comes from a moment I had last night while taking care of some laundry. I had begun to listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Music of Christmas" album when Advent sort of just came together for me.

You see, all too often I get wrapped up in all of the details of Christmas. I'm a logistics person. I love details and am always thinking about what needs to happen next. Also, I am a person with high expectations. Sometimes too high. Okay, most of the time too high. This combination does not often afford quiet evenings by a fireplace contemplating the virgin birth during this holiday season. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Instead of moments of quiet reflection about the true meaning of Christmas, I find myself quietly reflecting on my shopping list. Or cleaning list. Or packing list. Somehow the really big event in December gets elbowed out of the way by all the tiny, little, generally unimportant lists.

Today as I sat in the living room folding my sweaters and listening to Steven Curtis Chapman, it hit my heart. This month we celebrate God sending his very son to us. My small gifts to friends and family seem utterly miniscule in comparison. The way I flutter here and there to get Christmas preparations done seems so foolish. God. Sent. His. Son.

So please, choose a special Christmas song to you and listen to it today. Maybe even put it on repeat for a round or two. Think about the biggest gift we have been given, reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, and check to see if your heart is ready to celebrate God's wonderful gift this season.

If not, don't worry - there are still 3 more days until Christmas!

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