Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday - Did That Just Happen?

When someone asks you, "What is your most embarrassing moment?" which story do you pull out? For me, it's a classic.

I was in high school, and a Target Store had just opened in a nearby town. My sister and I had gone shopping there a few times before, and were excited to be going again. Well, we arrived and I needed to use the bathroom. She waited for me in the hall, and when I came out, we headed to the Dollar Spot together to see what inexpensive items they had featured at the front of the store.

Well, after we had been viewing the Dollar Spot for a few minutes, she looks down and says, "Amber! You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe!" I looked down to find a 1-foot strip of toilet paper trailing my right shoe. I tried to step on it with one foot and pull with the other. It took a little coordinating, but I finally broke free. We quickly moved on to another part of the store, but not before I noticed that there were security cameras above us. I hope the guards on duty enjoyed the show!

What's your most embarrassing moment? If you're brave enough, please share!

Just know that it can't be as bad as this lady's.

Thanks, Paul, for posting this link on Facebook!

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