Friday, January 14, 2011

Universal Letter Writing Week - Making Life Easy for You

I've been so excited all week for today's post. I knew what it was going to be, and just had to wait for today to come!

Today I'd like to give a gift to you. This is a gift that will (hopefully) make your life easier. If you need some note cards to send to the special people in your life, check out my website today because any note cards you buy from now until midnight will come with a pre-stamped envelope. Hopefully this makes letter writing more enjoyable for you because you don't have to dig through your miscellaneous drawers to find a stamp or run to the post office to purchase one. I hope that in doing this, I will enable you to send those wonderful messages to your friends and family.

Please view my Etsy shop and see if there's anything there that reminds you of the people in your life. You can also forward this link to your friends, so they can take advantage of this opportunity too.

So, stop in before midnight today, January 14th, and get a free, stamped envelope with EACH card purchase.

*No, I will not write the cards out for you. You've got to do that on your own! :)

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