Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Want You

As I listened to the radio on my way home from work yesterday, some lyrics caught my ear. They went something like this, "We don't want blessings, we want You."

It's as if everything in the world stopped for a moment when I heard those lyrics.

We don't want blessings

Have I been satisfied with God? Have I been content for his presence, or do I pay more attention to the blessings He can provide?

We all have those friends - you know the kind I'm talking about. The ones that when they call, you just wonder to yourself, "What do they want now?" They never seem to call you to hang out or ask how you're doing; typically, they want your help with something. Do you get a yuck feeling in your stomach when those kinds of friends call? Me too. I wonder if that's how God feels about me sometimes.

"God, please heal so-and-so." "God, help me get through this time." "God, please give us an adoption referral tomorrow." God this, God that. Does He ever get sick of it?

Now, don't get me wrong. It is good to give our concerns up to God, and I trust that He loves hearing from His children regardless of what they have to say, but what if today I said, "Hey God, thanks for being there. I want more of You." Or "God, I want to take some time and enjoy being with you right now." I know I would feel pretty special if a friend called me just to ask to sit in the same room as me.

What do you want more today - God's blessings or God?

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