Friday, January 28, 2011

Treat Yourself - Waffles

Recently I found myself home alone for the weekend. Oftentimes when I'm home alone my meals get...well...interesting.

"5:00? Hmmm...I'm kinda hungry. What do we have in the kitchen? Oh! Tortilla chips - well, mostly crumbs. That can work. Maybe I could mix it with salsa and eat it with a spoon. Sweet! Some salsa left! Okay...what else...I think there was a granola bar in here somewhere. Ah, there it is, right next to the crackers. Oooh, I could have cheese and crackers too. Okay. Cheese, crackers, tortilla chip crumbs with salsa. Need a vegetable. I think there's some peas in the freezer..."

See what I'm saying? Well, this particular weekend I wanted to really treat myself. I determined that I am worth the extra time cooking - even if it's just for me.

I decided that for breakfast on Sunday morning, I would make myself waffles before heading out to church. I prepared the dry goods for the batter on Saturday night, put it in a Tupperware container with a lid, and set it on the counter. Next to the halfway-there-batter, I placed the waffle maker. I knew this would help me actually follow through when I woke up.

Sunday morning I woke up, wandered sleepy-eyed into the kitchen, and was surprised to see everything all set out for me. I felt cared for, even if it was being cared for by myself! I made my waffles, placed a large one on a plate with strawberry topping, and gobbled it down. So. Good.

Now, my batter made more than one waffle. Even more than 2. It made 11 waffles. I pulled out some Ziplock bags and carefully placed a waffle in each bag. I got as much air out as I could, and placed the bags in the freezer. Throughout the upcoming week, I pulled a waffle from the freezer in the morning, popped it in the toaster, and enjoyed warm waffles.

Could you set aside some time this weekend to treat yourself? Maybe you don't have a waffle iron, but pancakes are just as good (and just as easily frozen). Make time to treat yourself.

You are worth it.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! This reminds me of Cochabamba, Bolivia. My wonderful friend had a huge tupperware of homemade Biscuick that she would just whip up into one morning's worth of pancakes, waffles, biscuits...just scoop out what you need and add the right amount of wet ingredients super quick. I love it!