Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11 - Fun with an Iron

There were some great finds in my scrap bin today! I came across a package of onesies and some leftover Heat N' Bond material. Put them together, and I can make a gift for my friend's 1-week-old baby.

I began with the Heat N' Bond material.

I came across this jean flower in my scraps, so I cut out of a piece of the Heat N' Bond to match its size and trimmed it to fit exactly.

I then followed the directions on the package to stick the jean flower to the adhesive material. After that, I placed it right where I wanted it to be on the onesie.

I set my iron to medium with no steam and pressed the iron to the flower for about 10 seconds.


I was so pleased to not only use scrap fabric for this project, but also scrap Heat N' Bond material and the random onesies! Win. Win. Win. :)

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