Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3 - Shower Curtain Bling

I am quickly developing a healthy lack of respect for scrap fabric. It's freeing to know that I am not working with a brand-new-purchased-from-the-store piece of material. I can make mistakes and lose nothing. I am loving this.

Today's project was inspired by an idea I saw in the magazine Real Simple. I could have used them to replace our shower curtain rings, but I decided to add the fabric to what was already there.

I chose a large piece of scrap fabric that matched our bathroom decor. This was an old couch cushion cover.

I started cutting it into long strips, about 1" wide. I needed 12 to fill each hole in our shower curtain.

I strung them through the holes at the top of the curtain, making sure to only go through the decorative shower curtain. I wanted to make life easier for me when it was time to wash the liner!

I trimmed the ends at an angle after I had finished.

And here's the big reveal!

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