Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28 - Coasters

It was Black Friday and my mom, sister, cousins, aunt and I began our yearly shopping outing by hitting up Michael's craft store. It was here that I realized I needed to make a homemade gift for my coworkers but had not yet come up with any ideas. In the midst of the shopping chaos around me, I uttered the plea, "Anyone have any crafty ideas for a homemade Christmas gift?"

With no more than two seconds hanging in the air, my artsy aunt said, "I do!"

She described to me how to make a simple coaster out of fabric, and she even created a pattern for me out of a piece of paper she found in her purse.

Last night I set out to make my coasters and had a lot of fun!

I began by cutting out six 5" squares of fabric and one 5" square of batting.

After I cut out all the squares, I took two of the fabric squares with their right sides out and sandwiched a square of batting between them.

Then I folded the remaining four squares in half with the right sides out, and layered them around the square, one on top of the other, making a woven pattern. Here you can see the woven pattern when it's all done.

I then went on to sew a seam around the edge. The coolest part of this project was this sewing because I didn't have to leave space to turn my project inside out. I just sewed and sewed all the way around the edge.

Once the sewing was done, I started pulling at the flaps of the weaving until I could turn the project inside out. Here is the back of the finished project.

And here is the front.

I really enjoyed this project and look forward to making three more to complete the set!

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