Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15 - Little Mittens!

I was given a Christmas basket a few years ago and I found it much more versatile after I pulled out the Christmas lining. That lining was the inspiration for today's project.

Using a cookie cutter, I traced the outline of a mitten onto my fabric.

I cut 2 mittens and put the opposite sides together. I had to trace one of my mittens on the back side of the fabric to make sure my thumbs were pointing in the right direction! After I lined them up correctly, I sewed along the edges, leaving the top of the mitten open. I came across some homemade stuffing (recognize the sweatshirt fabric?) and decided to plump up my mittens!

Here is a finished mitten.

Now, the tricky part was getting them to be the same size. I didn't quite achieve that, but I think they still hold some charm. To increase the cuteness factor, I pulled out my scrap ribbon jar and found some shimmery ribbon to connect the mittens.

I folded the ribbon over at the top seam of the mitten and sewed it on. It was simple. Here is the finished product!

An extension of this project would be to make a garland. My mother in law has some great garland with stars and mittens and maybe even gingerbread too that she puts along the top of her kitchen. Using felt scraps would make the garland project go quicker because you wouldn't have to sew the edges together, you could just leave them unfinished and do some whimsical top stitching for decoration.

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  1. I LOVE the garland idea...I am totally going to do that!