Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16 - Banners

I've seen homemade banners popping up and I think I need one.

I set out to do this project with my plethora of red fabric and - you guessed it - some more of that sweatshirt fabric. That has sure come in handy!

I began by cutting triangles out of the red fabric. I didn't finish the edges because I wanted something simple and somewhat rustic.

Online I found some letters I printed, cut out, and used to cut my black sweatshirt fabric. I then sewed the letters onto each triangle by hand. This whole step took about an hour, but I was watching TV also so I don't know how long it would have taken me if I had focused solely on the project!

After that, I folded the top over and made 4 cuts vertically on the fold. Two cuts were placed on the outer edges and two close together in the center.

I grabbed some ribbon from my ribbon jar and strung each flag on.

Without attaching the flags permanently to the banner, I can rearrange them at a later date for other banners. This would be more helpful if I had more letters prepared, but as it stands I can now make another banner that reads "Am" or "Yam" or "Aim" or even "Film." :)

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