Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4 - Decorative Table Runner

The holidays are approaching, and I wanted to try my hand at a Christmas table runner!

I began by using some scrap fabric to sew a long table runner.

I found some old silver paint from a project YEARS ago, and chose a stamp with a simple image. I applied the paint to the stamp with a small brush and realized I had to put it on thick, especially the first time.

I stamped the images in a triangle pattern so it would seem more random.

I had to keep telling myself that the stamp doesn't have to be perfect on the fabric. That's what gives it character! Notice that this particular stamped image did not receive an equal amount of paint. That's okay!

A few helpful tips if you do this project:
  • Wash your fabric before beginning.
  • Place newspaper under your fabric to protect your work surface.
  • Move quickly after you have begun applying paint to the stamp. It dries quickly and can gum up the stamp, diluting the image.
I am considering making cloth napkins and a serving basket liner to match. I have more red fabric and this project didn't take long at all! I guess you'll see in days to come if I end up doing either of those! :)

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