Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9 - Picnic Napkins

I have a confession. The material I'm using today wasn't scrap fabric from my scrap bin. I purchased it. BUT, I purchased it from the remnants bin at a fabric store...does that count as scrap fabric? Either way, you can see how great it is. I couldn't resist!

This fabric screamed to be picnic napkins. We were given a lovely picnic basket for our wedding complete with plastic plates, forks, knives, and spoons; however, it had no napkins. These will be perfect.

I started by folding over the fabric, then cutting it in half. I then divided that to make eight 10" squares.

I pieced together two squares at a time with the outsides facing each other.

I then began sewing all the way around. Just when I was about to the end, I stopped so I could turn the piece inside out.

I finished off the napkin by top-stitching around the edge. This also conveniently covered the spot where I turned the fabric inside-out!

Now, one thing that was tough about this fabric is that the pattern is all squares. I did my best to line up the fabric properly, but something was a little off, and you can tell. My napkins aren't quite perfect, but that will let people know they are homemade. :)

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