Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19 - Message Board Makeover

I have had an old cork board in the closet for years, and today I decided to see if I could jazz it up a little bit.

I wanted to pull off the back, take out the cork board, wrap the fabric around the cork board part, then push the cork board back in. However, when I turned the piece over, the back was attached by a billion little staples. Well, maybe it was closer to a million, but it didn't seem worth it to take them out. I opted to put the fabric on top of the cork board instead of around.

I grabbed a piece of scrap fabric and placed it on top of the frame. With a pen, I traced the inside edge.

After that, I cut very carefully. I placed the cut piece inside the frame and was relieved that it fit (almost) perfectly. I opted not to adhere the fabric to the cork board, but rather use pins to hold it in place. This way I can switch it out seasonally or whenever the mood strikes!

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